25 paise that transformed the Masala Market!

When the idea is right, the timing and pricing is right and your marketing is strong, even 25 paise can change the world. It happened thus with Gharrkul. When the company launched the 25 paise single use sachet, many old timers in the trade believed the enterprise would be short lived. But the taste of the pure and freshly ground, fried and pre roasted masalas took the market by storm. Customers eagerly bought the concept of hygienically poly packed single use packets. Every meal could now have the great taste of fresh ground masala seal packed in sachets to preserve its original flavors. Today Gharrkul Masalas is the choice of millions of households in the country and is fast gaining popularity in export markets. Today the company offers a range of blended high quality masala premixes in packaging ranging from 5 gms to (200) gms.

Quality raw materials, hygienic processing and advanced packaging

At Gharrkul, the secret of taste is based on careful selection of the best ingredients. We regularly visit far off mandi's, inspect the quality of the inputs and cherry pick the very best for our production. These masala ingredients are then processed – pre roasted and fried in our sophisticated, automated plant and packed in premium polyester sachets to retain its flavors. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified for its quality systems.

A History of Firsts

All that has changed. For over 40 years Gharkul has delved deep into the exotic world of spices, unlocking and revealing the authentic blends that make popular Indian dishes so distinctive in taste, flavour and aroma. This knowledge and expertise, it shares, with the Indian housewife through a range of blended spices and basic spices. Making for a happy exchange of recipes across the length and breadth of India.

The Result

Gharrkul has a well deserved reputation of being a pioneer in its brand category.

Masalas that vanish from the shelves, food that disappears from the plates!

Today 25 years after inception Gharrkul is a emerging FMCG offering brands that quickly disappear from the shop shelves, thanks to its quality, taste and value proposition. The company is forward looking and invests significant efforts in brand building and advertising. But the mainstay of our success has always been the unique fresh flavor our masalas offer. Naturally food cooked with Gharrkul masalas disappear from the plates, as quickly as the packages move from the shop shelves!

Gharrkul Masalas
Swaad itna ki plate saaf ho jaye  !